Mastering Energy

Wei-Tai Kwok

Renewable energy executive.

Wei-Tai Kwok is a San Francisco-based renewable energy executive with a passion for all-electric, zero emission buildings. In 2019, he wondered how hard it would be to eliminate all fossil fuel appliances from his home, and so he embarked on a 90-day challenge to convert to a zero-emission house and disconnect from the gas grid. His experiences will be an inspiration to show us that we can all do more than we think.

He has served as COO of Amber Kinetics, an early-stage flywheel energy storage company, and previous to that was COO of Andalay Solar, VP Operations of NRG Home Solar, and VP Global Marketing of Suntech Power. He is also a volunteer public speaker for The Climate Reality Project, the NGO founded by Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore. Wei-Tai received his BA degree in Economics & Political Science from Yale University.


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